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10 Minute Vacations at Cold Stone Creamery

Gavin Young

January 15

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For a refreshing “10 minutes vacation” cold stone offers amazing ice cream fresh served desserts. You can watch the mixers mix the ice cream in front of you so you know its fresh. Cold Stone Creamery can be found at 1705...

Red Robin

Geoffrey Chessen

May 22

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Red Robin is a restaurant located right next to Sierra Middle School. Recently Red Robin renovated and added new food to their menu.  Red Robin has many TVs, a sports bar, and lots of tables where you can sit. Red Robin has ...

Fun Summer Activities

Anthony Cappa

May 2

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Summer is full of fun activities that you can participate in, such as going bowling, going to the movies, indoor swimming, or other fun activities at the Parker Recreation Center.  Going bowling only costs $20 Monday-Friday p...


Ashley Reed

April 8

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It’s summer time and your walking to the popular teenage hangout; Sonic. You don’t know if you should get a slushy for happy hour or a shake. Sonic is a teenage famous fast food restaurant that is located at 16538 Keystone ...

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