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Movie Theater Showdown

Matthew McCarthy, Editor

April 28

Filed under Entertainment

Every teenager loves to go to the movies, but it’s hard for the average younger teenager to go because they can’t drive there, and some theaters are too far to bike or walk. Here in Parker, there are two main theaters tha...

Top 10 Games That You Can Win Money and Play Competitive In

Zachary Curtis, Staff

April 21

Filed under Entertainment

The Top 10 Competitive Games   League of Legends: Is a computer based, competitive game. The game has one of the biggest viewerships. Having nearly 100,000 people watching daily. League of Legends is a game that...

New Ghostbusters movie Review and Prediction

Matthew McCarthy

April 18

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

This review is my sole opinion, only based on the first trailer for the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. Thirty years after the beloved movie came out, were getting a new Ghostbusters. I guarantee that you all have seen the new trail...

Faily Brakes

Lucky Mataele, staff

April 7

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

Faily Brakes is a new game that was released february 24, 2016 it is a driving game where you try to dodge trees going down a hill your brakes go out so you can't use it the game. it rated E/ everyone and it's very popular it's in t...

Top 5 songs of 2016

Christian Carew, Team Leader

April 7

Filed under Entertainment

There have been many memorable songs of 2016 so far. But there are a few songs that stand above the rest. Some songs have been popular for many weeks, and others are news songs that will continue to rise. Some singers such as S...

Rocket League ‘Chaos Run DLC’ Is Definitely Worth The Extra Money

Josh Hoekendorf, Section Lead

February 1

Filed under Entertainment

Psyonix the creator’s of Rocket League, released a new downloadable content pack called Chaos Run on Tuesday, the first of December. I am very pleased with the new extension, even with the extra cost of $3.99. Rocket Leagu...

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