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“Talking is Hard” Walk the Moon

Kayley Moore

May 18, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Showcase

If you enjoyed Walk the Moon’s song “Shut Up and Dance with Me”, then odds are you will like their new album “Talking is Hard”. Walk the Moon consists of four members; Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Ma...

Maximum Ride review

Morgan King, staff

May 15, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

This book series is a young adult fantasy novel, by James Patterson. The main character Maximum Ride also known as max and her family the Flock are experiments that have escaped from a lab called the school, which has crafted...

Country VS Pop

Country VS Pop

May 14, 2015

Don’t Rock The Boat

Lauren Haviland

May 13, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

On April 7,8, and 9, Mrs anderson and the 7th and 8th graders put on a spring musical after school in the cafeteria. The play was about a cruise and a hurricane is coming. The captain decides to sail on anyway. “It was...

DIY Slip n Slide

Katie Baker, staff

May 11, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Features

Do you want a slip n slide, but it’s too expensive or too boring? Follow these easy steps to make a bouncy slip n slide that’s inexpensive and the perfect solution to your summer boredom! First, get a large plastic sheet...

The Impossible Quiz

Dylan HusonMulkey, Writer/Staff

May 11, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

The Impossible Quiz is a game where you are trying to get to the end without losing skips, losing lives, and also not be too logical with the questions. This game might make your head go BOOM! because of too much thinking and...

Healthy Watermelon Slushie

Bella Clifford

May 8, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Health, Recipes

Have you been craving a summer snack, but found nothing healthy and refreshing? Watermelon slushies are the perfect alternative to a Sonic slushie or a Starbucks frappuccino. It doesn’t have all the caffeine but it has the perfect...

Wolf Creek Frog Dissection

May 8, 2015

Filed under Entertainment


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