• March 15Jeff Maupin's fifth period Algebra 1 class set fire to a nearby field while launching Estes rockets for a project

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Digital Footprints have a Huge Impact

Stacey Levy, Staff

December 17

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A digital footprint is the trail of information left online by all Internet users. All activities including texts, emails, search history, social media posts, and media comments are recorded. “Any activities you do or places you go, j...

Dangers of Social Media

Hailey Toth, Staff

November 24

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Social media can be very dangerous in some situations. It can vary from meeting a new friend to finding a creepy internet predator. But, how do you know which one they are? You don't. When you post pictures and information about...

Sierra stays safe with campus security

Jaxson Rupert, Features editor

October 27

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Campus security is one most important thing to have in a school. Thankfully we are protected by a team of security officers. Nancy Root is one of our security guards that protects our school. Most schools have just a basic camera setup ...

Gel or Acrylic?

Ashley Stafford and Maria Zavaras

May 19

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Gel Nails When debating on what time of nail you should get done with your friends the best option is gel nails. Gel nails are a stronger type of polish meant to stay on longer. They do not require any added nail parts on because...


Jacque lynch

May 18

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Have you ever really wanted to watch a movie or TV show? Well now you can! Most of you have probably heard of Netflix, if not it’s a website you can go online and watch movies and TV shows. You can watch a variety of TV shows...

Venture Crew

Julie Elliott

May 13

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Venture Crew is a co-ed group that is associated with the Boy Scouts of America. Crew members do some similar things that Boy Scouts do such as camping, hiking, etc. For events such as campouts and hikes, both a male and a...

Parker Trail Riders

Julie Elliott

May 13

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Parker Trail Riders is a non-profit organization that allows people to ride horses in a variety of horse shows. Members meet every third Tuesday of the month as 7:30 pm. The meetings are held at the Salisbury Equestrian Park...

Camps in Colorado

Jaxson Rupert, Staff

May 12

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Over summer students haven’t much to do, but there are summer camps to join as something to do and overall have some fun. Clubs such as: iD tech camp, Sierra Summer arts club Parker Day Camp 2015 The iD tech camp ...

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