• March 15Jeff Maupin's fifth period Algebra 1 class set fire to a nearby field while launching Estes rockets for a project

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Sierra Summit

Code of Conduct

Brian Vanderpool, Writer

January 22

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The Code of Conduct is a quarterly meeting of the students, administrators, and teachers of Sierra. It’s supposed to help the students do what they’re supposed to, and remind them what the expectations are. But, not all stud...

Pests in Sierra

Matthew Fast, Staff

January 15

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There have been many infestations over the years at Sierra. Last year it was mice, but this year, the biggest problem is bugs. Many students have reported multiple sightings of bugs over the past few months, but the most common...

New phone policy at school

Mary Smart, staff

January 14

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Students are spending too much time on their phones. It is starting to pose risks for academic potential. People at lunch last year actually talked to each other. Now everybody has their head down and are focusing on their electronics. Students...

The student news site of Sierra Middle School