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Sleep Paralysis

Alex Heckle, Editor

February 9

Filed under Health

Sleep paralysis is something that happens when the brain doesn't get enough sleep. 1 out of 6 kids have experienced sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is like a dream or a nightmare, but you are awake and you can't move, tal...

4 Easy Ways to be Healthier

Max Giddens, staff

January 20

Filed under Health

Around the country, people are worried about health and weight. A lot of kids feel that they are too heavy and need to be healthier. Well if that is you then here is the first step to being healthier and having more self confidence...

Healthiest Foods

Josh Hoekendorf, Editor In Chief

October 25

Filed under Health, Opinion

There are many conspiracies about what foods are the healthiest for people to eat. Healthiest foods can be based off of personal opinion, but there are actually healthiest foods for different food groups. It is healthiest to...

Gender Dysphoria

Stacey Levy, Staff

May 18

Filed under Health

Gender Dysphoria is a condition is which one feels varying degrees of discomfort due to the lack of connection between their sex and their gender. Gender Dysphoria was previously called Gender Identity Disorder, but the titl...

Test Anxiety

Stacey Levy, Staff

May 16

Filed under Features, Health

Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety that occurs before, during, or after taking a test. While stress and pressure can be beneficial in some test taking situations, in excess amounts it will harm rather than help the...

Eating A Healthy Meal Before A Test Can Really Benefit Your Score

Josh Hoekendorf, Staff

May 15

Filed under Health

Many students at Sierra hate doing the PARCC/CMAS testing at this time of the year, many come to school tired having not eaten a healthy breakfast that gives them the brainpower to work on the tests. Research shows that nuts, including walnuts,...

Summer Skin Care

Stacey Levy, Staff

April 27

Filed under Features, Health

During the Summer, it’s important to remember to take care of your skin while you’re in the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends reading the label of sunscreen to ensure that is has broad spectrum coverage, m...

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Katie Baker, Editor in Chief

April 18

Filed under Health

Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder which causes people to have multiple personalities, or a depersonalization of personality or identity. Symptoms of D.I.D. include memory loss about specific events or times, emotiona...

Keeping Internet Passwords safe

Jaxson Rupert, Team Lead

March 17

Filed under Health

Internet passwords is  the first step to being safe online. If you have a bad or predictable password it makes very easy for hackers to hack into your account. Which could be very dangerous. People have trouble keeping their internet p...

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