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Summer Camp

Bella Clifford

May 4

Filed under Features, Health, Opinion

Summer is quickly on the rise and, let’s face it, not many of has any plans for this upcoming summer. Why not go somewhere where you can have fun and be completely yourself in an outdoor place full of wildlife and sunshine?...

Amazing Anthill D.i.Y

Jakob Wilson, Staff

May 4

Filed under Health

When you get bored this summer empty your recycling! This story will show you how to make amazing art in very little time: Step 1. Find all your aluminum cans and other aluminum items you dont need Step 2. Find a red anthill Step...

Stay Safe with Helmets

Ryan McKown

April 10

Filed under Health

Wearing a bike helmet when you are riding your bike, skateboard, scooter etc. is very important. Many deaths are caused by head injuries and a helmet could prevent that problem. 300,000 kids go to the emergency department due ...

How to Get the Work Done

Chris Mariner

March 18

Filed under Health

  Homework is a drag for all students in all schools, but I am here to tell you awesome and efficient ways to get it done faster, and get more sleep. First, doing the homework as soon as you get settled in, which would...

The Positive Health Effects of After School Activities

Abby Simonton, Staff

March 13

Filed under Health, Opinion

According to Public Agenda a non profit organization dedicated to independent public policy research, 79% of America's middle and high school students participate in activities after school and on weekends. When students choose...

Should your Instagram account be private or public?

Katie Baker, staff

March 13

Filed under Health

Instagram is one of the newest and biggest social media sites, and many teens use it often. There’s two options it gives you when you first create an account: public or private. Which should you choose? On a public account,...


Jaxson Rupert, Feature

March 9

Filed under Health

Measles is a very contagious and easily spread illness caused by a virus.The virus of Measles is spreading all throughout the west of our country. There are 103 cases of Measles in California, most of them linked to an outbreak...

What’s The Safest Social Media Site?

Katie Baker, staff

March 5

Filed under Health

Everyone knows that social media isn’t that safe, but they still use it. So, which social media site is the safest? Facebook has many privacy options that can keep information safe. These options are hard to get to, and are...

Healthy Lunch Meals

Matthew Fast

March 3

Filed under Health

Lunch is a great way to refresh and recharge for the rest of the day, eating an unhealthy or no lunch could leave you struggling for the rest of the day. These are some of the best healthy lunches that you could easily make. 5.Fruit...

The dangers of snoring

Jake Olson

March 2

Filed under Health

Does snoring in your sleep mean you're a heavier or deeper sleeper, is that good for you? Scientists have not yet come to a conclusion because it has huge health benefits and risks that could affect your everyday life. People...

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