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Body Odor

Dylan Aguilar

April 14

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Usually around Spring time, the boys, mostly 7th grade boys, don’t wear deodorant. No one wants to smell your body odor, so they need to put on deodorant. The worst thing is when I am sitting next to someone in class, they hav...

School Should Start Late

Alyssa Hurt

February 28

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Studies show that the more sleep teenagers get, the more focused they are in school. Therefore, school should have a later start time then 7:30am. Biology shows that teenagers need 9.25 hours of sleep for top optimal performances....

Helmet Safety

Josh Welo

February 28

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Many students choose not to wear helmets when riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter. The question we are really asking is: do you wear a helmet? Do your peers wear helmets? Does your sibling wear a helmet? Many people ask the...

Listening To Music During School

Sophie Moore

February 25

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Cell phones in school:  should they be allowed ? There are many pros and cons but I think it would be in the Sierra's best interest to allow phones in school. With having phones in school, test scores improve, it calms kids...

Kids Shouldn’t Have Homework

Jesse Lopez

January 30

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Kids already have 7 hours of school, and then teachers have to top it off with homework. Why do teachers hand out homework if the students want to hang out with their friends, or spend time with their family? Most students l...

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Tess Kelly

January 28

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Some teens might think that energy drinks are harmless and helpful for a student who is cramming homework late at night. But there are dangerous secrets that those energy drinks hold.  Drinking too many energy drinks such as...

Boys should quit playing “Bodies”

Sydney Compoz

December 17

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The game “Bodies”, also known as the punching game, is a violent game. The boys play it in the bathroom and locker room. The  students involved should just stop. There have been many incidents of people dying from being...

The student news site of Sierra Middle School