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Student Hygiene at Sierra

Tyler Airozo, Staff

March 16, 2017

Filed under Health, Opinion

Students at Sierra Middle School are not taking care of their personal hygiene. They are not wearing deodorant, taking showers, cleaning themselves, and overall just not taking care of their body. Many boys and girls do clea...

Fidget Products Should be Banned from Schools

Jade Miracle, Staff

March 9, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Fidget spinners, fidget cubes, putty, and everything like it, were originally made for kids with ADHD, who have to constantly be in motion, but now these products have been popular with kids who don't have ADHD, and now are la...

There Should Be Better Enrichment Choices

Brie Murphy, Staff

March 6, 2017

Filed under Opinion

On Wednesdays and Thursdays students have enrichment. I think that there are not enough good enrichment options. When signing up for enrichment you have to choose your top 5 choices. Many students don’t get both of thei...

Students at SMS are not Involved

Suraya Asfar, News Editor

March 3, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Students at Sierra are not participating in events and activities at school. Students lack pride in their school therefore making things like Spirit Week, dances, and Wish Week difficult. Sierra students are separated by teams, grad...

Bringing back homeroom

Maddie Cowles, Staff

February 28, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Students are complaining that they're getting too much homework and don't have time to get it done. That is causing their grade to go down due to the inconvenient time. Which could be solved by incorporating homeroom back int...

Making school more enjoyable

Khayla Minty, Staff

February 24, 2017

Filed under Opinion

To make students want to come to school more teachers and staff should make school more enjoyable. Students should be looking forward to going to school instead of dreading it. Making things such as classes and activities...

Is Social Media Bad for Teens?

Max Giddens, Staff

February 14, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Social media is a bad place for teens to go. Kids are too young and not mature enough to understand the possible consequences of social media. That being said, I say that teens should not have social media and there should be an ag...

Minimum Wage Increase Good For Colorado

Jeremy Taboada, Staff

February 14, 2017

Filed under Opinion

 In Colorado a recent vote decided that the minimum wage would be increased to 15$ an hour by 2020 to help low income families.  This is in the best interest of our families because it will allow families to better provide to t...

Teens Have Too Much Screen Time

Reese Sobczyk, Staff

January 23, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Middle schoolers spend too much time looking at their screens and it is starting to have a negative impact on their health. One of those negatives include sleep deprivation. Teens get about 6-8 hours of sleep on average becau...

Are Video Games Useful or Harmful?

Hailey Toth, Editor

January 23, 2017

Filed under Features, Opinion

Many 7th and 8th grade students play video games from when they get home till when they go to bed. They hear video games are a distraction to your life, but research has shown that video games can be more useful than harmful. ...

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