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Healthiest Foods

Josh Hoekendorf, Editor In Chief

October 25

Filed under Health, Opinion

There are many conspiracies about what foods are the healthiest for people to eat. Healthiest foods can be based off of personal opinion, but there are actually healthiest foods for different food groups. It is healthiest to...

Dress Code At Sierra

October 4

Filed under Features, Opinion

Dress code in Douglas County Schools are being strictly enforced on students. The schools need to focus on giving their students an education, not striking down students for their own attire. Most girls believe that they are targeted be...

Jaxson Rupert

May 19

Filed under Opinion

In school, kids either use wooden or mechanical pencils. Students have their opinion on which one they like better. But which one is actually better? Wooden pencils are made from natural sources and don’t fail to function lik...

Fragrances Should Be Reduced At Sierra

Sarah Heller, Staff

May 19

Filed under Opinion

Students shouldn’t wear perfume to school, because it can really harm the students in Sierra with fragrance allergies. Research from WebMD, shows that there are many different symptoms and fragrances involved in this alle...

Team Telluride Bonding Activities

Kilee Stortz, Staff

May 17

Filed under Opinion

For many Sierra kids on the 7th grade team Telluride, some still haven't even made face to face contact with one another and there are only two weeks left. So, Telluride should have more team bonding activities. “Yes, Telluri...

Should food be allowed in schools?

Isaac Olsen and Damon Bell

May 13

Filed under Opinion

YES - Damon Bell I think that kids should be able to snack throughout the day because it helps develop good eating habits, not having food affects concentration, and it helps kids focus and have energy so they can be produ...

Homework Needs to be Reduced

Campbell Cantalamessa

May 12

Filed under Opinion

Homework is probably the last thing kids want to do. No one has ever liked it. In fact, it causes students to be more stressed and overloaded. Homework was actually not invented to help the students learn. Instead, Italia...

More State Trips in School

Hailey Toth, editor

May 10

Filed under Opinion

Lots of of sports teams go to travel trips for swimming to Arizona or Chicago, hockey to Minnesota, baseball to California and more. But the schools don't go anywhere besides another one in the district. Sierra Middle School...

Gatorade or Powerade? Your Choice…

Bella Harper

April 21

Filed under Opinion, Sports

Gatorade or Powerade? Have you ever thought about what you are drinking after a sports game? Gatorade and Powerade have their benefits and there not so good things. Is Gatorade your favorite? Well Gatorade has a lot of positive t...

New Ghostbusters movie Review and Prediction

Matthew McCarthy

April 18

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

This review is my sole opinion, only based on the first trailer for the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. Thirty years after the beloved movie came out, were getting a new Ghostbusters. I guarantee that you all have seen the new trail...

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