• March 15Jeff Maupin's fifth period Algebra 1 class set fire to a nearby field while launching Estes rockets for a project

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Different P.E. Classes Should Be Offered

Stacey Levy, Staff

November 30

Filed under Opinion

Sierra should offer a variety of semester long P.E. classes to provide students with a chance to choose their physical activities. Physical education has mental and physical health benefits including higher test scores and r...

Should switch pitchers be allowed in the MLB ?

Evan Clark and Jack Click

May 19

Filed under Opinion

Switch hitters are rare, but have you ever heard of a switch pitcher? A switch pitcher is simply a player that can pitch with both left and right arms. Usually pitchers want to have the batter on the side of their arm, for...

Nike Vs. Adidas

Owen Adams, Staff

May 18

Filed under Opinion, Sports

Everyone knows that Nike and Adidas are one of the most popular shoes out there, but which shoe is better? Nike has been around since 1964, but Adidas has been around longer with being invented in 1949. That means more people...

Top 3 Games to Save up for

Jaxson Rupert, Staff

May 12

Filed under Opinion

Most people don’t know which video games to save up for. This is the top 3 games to buy in summer 2015.   Call of duty black ops 3. This game is highly anticipated by the gaming community. It takes place 40 years after ...

Sporty Spring Fashion

Abby Simonton, Staff

May 8

Filed under Opinion

Spring is the time of year when students start trading out their winter clothes for their summer and spring clothes. Also, spring sports have started and students are dressing sporty. These are some of the top sports fashions going around Sierra r...

Books are Better Than Moves

Isabelle Hernandez, staff

May 6

Filed under Opinion

Every one loves a good book and when the movie comes out, they get the excited and go to see it, but they tend to get disappointed because the movie left part out, they did not mention thing that you liked, and it’s not like...

Summer Camp

Bella Clifford

May 4

Filed under Features, Health, Opinion

Summer is quickly on the rise and, let’s face it, not many of has any plans for this upcoming summer. Why not go somewhere where you can have fun and be completely yourself in an outdoor place full of wildlife and sunshine?...

Importance of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Tia Tarka

May 4

Filed under Opinion

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables is very important. Fruits and vegetables are a key element to a balanced diet. For a person who needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain weight and health,...

Books are better than TV

Matthew McCarthy, News Staff

April 29

Filed under Opinion

There has been a huge debate that has raged across the world since the invention of television. Which is better TV or books? First off, most people can agree that they are both equal and offer lots of good things to us. But, books wins over TV in my...

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