• March 15Jeff Maupin's fifth period Algebra 1 class set fire to a nearby field while launching Estes rockets for a project

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Why football is the best

Evan Clark

April 28

Filed under Opinion

In my opinion, the greatest sport is football because of the rush you get when you hit someone, you get to play offense and defense, and scoring a touchdown is like nothing else. When a man is running at you and he’s thinking...

More Sierra Students Need to Attend the School Dances!

Abby Simonton

April 22

Filed under Opinion

Every year Sierra Students complain about the school dance that Student Council puts on. Many say it’s lame and very few students attend. It’s mainly, because they hear bad rumors about the dance. Student Council plans...

Parker Days -vs- Elitches

Kelly Durkin and Kylie Scavo

April 16

Filed under Opinion

Parker Days or Elitches? If I had to choose I would pick Parker Days, they are more local, have the same rides, food, concerts, events, kiddyland, farmers market type booths, fun houses, and games. Unlike Elitches Parker Days...

Dress code isn’t strict enough

Mary Smart, Staff

April 13

Filed under Opinion

Most students say that the dress code is too strict and needs to be changed but others would have to disagree with this statement. The rules of the dress code are simple. Don’t wear revealing clothes, hats, hoods, bandanas,...

Why School Should Start Later

Chris Mariner

March 18

Filed under Opinion

School should start later because of how the students are too tired to gain any progress in school. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” The only thing that...

The Positive Health Effects of After School Activities

Abby Simonton, Staff

March 13

Filed under Health, Opinion

According to Public Agenda a non profit organization dedicated to independent public policy research, 79% of America's middle and high school students participate in activities after school and on weekends. When students choose...

Creamy or Crunchy

Jack Click

March 5

Filed under Opinion

  There is a great debate in the food world still unsettled, creamy or crunchy peanut butter, honestly I think that creamy is better. First off,creamy peanut butter has more protein and vitamin E and is easier for elderly...

Violence Doesn’t Help

Dylan HusonMulkey, Writer/Staff

March 3

Filed under Opinion

Yes, teachers sometimes give you a hard time, but there should be no violence. Students don’t need to freak out over what the teacher says. Students will be defensive against teachers and lunch monitors, and yet still get in...

School buses should have seat belts

owen adams, staff

March 3

Filed under Opinion

Many students have gotten hurt on school buses from collisions and students messing around on the bus, but if we add seat belts to all school buses students will be safer if there was a crash. On February 16, 2012 a school...

The student news site of Sierra Middle School