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Should Teens Care About Politics?

Adam Wright

January 20

Filed under Opinion

Election Day was on November 4th, 2014, and many politicians were running for government positions like senator or governor. Many people think teens should not care about politics, but I think they should. Some teens think...

Field trips should be made fun

Tia Tarka

January 15

Filed under Opinion

How often do you think about school field trips? Do you ever want to go on more than two to three a year? Field trips can still be educational without homework. Bringing students to places such as museums and aquariums can...

Skiing With Adults

Julie Elliott

January 14

Filed under Opinion

I think that students shouldn’t go skiing or snowboarding without adults because of all the dangers that could happen. On average, about 42 people die a year and about 45 people receive serious injury from skiing/snowboarding....

Sierra should have longer passing periods

Katie Baker

December 10

Filed under Opinion

Sierra Middle School has very short passing periods. Students don’t have time to socialize or use the restroom without being late to class. Sierra should make their passing periods a few minutes longer. In between classes,...

Skiing Without Adults

Kylie Scavo

November 25

Filed under Opinion

I think that adults should let their middle school students go skiing without them because if something like an injury was was going to happen, you wouldn’t be able to stop it from happening. And if your child does get hurt...

Frog Dissections are Wrong and Cruel

Julie Elliott

May 23

Filed under Opinion

Many kids and parents support frog dissections, I for one hate dissecting frogs. It’s gross and I feel it’s wrong to cut up animals, even if they are dead. At first, the idea of dissecting frogs seemed fun, but I started...


May 15

Participating in School Activities

Leila Paula

May 14

Filed under Opinion

Students should definitely participate in the activities provided by the school and there are various of benefits with engaging in activities. School activities provide an opportunity for students to learn the values of teamwork,...

17 Trillion Dollar Debt

Radate Nardos

May 14

Filed under Opinion

As the generation born in war and in debt we have to face adulthood with a 17 trillion dollar debt hanging over our heads from the previous generations before us. In 1836, America’s National Debt was at $0. From there it ju...

The student news site of Sierra Middle School