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Jake, Butler

March 4

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The 8th grade boys basketball team played against Cimarron on February 24 with A and B team home while C team traveled to Cimarron. A team won their game 44-35 and B team won 45-44. Sheffield’s C team loss both of their games...

Sierra 8th grade boys basketball a-b team vs sagewood

owen adams, staff

February 20

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On February 18th Sierra’s 8th grade boys A and B basketball teams played an outstanding game against SageWood at Sierra. The B team played SageWood first and they dominated them scoring 40 points and only letting SageWood...

Don’t base money on what you want to do.

Josh Welo, EIC

February 18

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LeBron James signed a two year 42.1 million dollar contract with the Cleveland cavaliers, He could have signed a four year 94.5 million dollar contract. Money Money Money, the main reason world class athletes even celebrities...

Sierra vs Rocky Heights 2/11/15

Kyla Childers

February 12

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On February 11th in the Sierra Gym  the 4 C teams played Rocky Heights Middle School, and the A and B teams played at Rocky Heights. A team won with a score of 45-14 and B team won with a score of 37-31. Coach Sheffield’s first...

8th Grade Girls Volleyball

February 12

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Sierra Eagles eighth grade girl’s volleyball was a good season this year. A-team went 4-2,a thrilling second place finish in the district tournament. B-team went 6-0 (12-0 over the two seasons). C-team had a 67 winning percentage...

Sierra C team 7th grade girls basketball play SageWood

Owen Adams, staff

February 10

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Sierra played a tough game on january 12th losing to SageWood two C teams. The first game score was 6-11 with Sierra losing. They had a lot of good plays. Block by #22 in the second quarter which led to 2 points by #20. In...

7th grade girls basketball C teams season

Owen Adams

February 9

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Sierra Eagles 7 grade girls basketball C team didn’t have one of their best seasons with their record being 1-5, but they did have their one win which they will not forget. The C team played 6 games but out of the 6 they...

2014 Wrestling Season

Adam Wright

February 2

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Sierra’s seventh and eighth grade wrestling team finished the season with the A team taking seventh, and the B team taking fourth in the district tournament this year. Sierra had five students win their weight class, Jared...

Colorado Rockies 2015 Season Starting Soon

Adam Wright

January 28

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On Friday, April 10th, 2015, the Colorado Rockies will open their season hosting the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field at 2:10 P.M. The opening day game will be the first of a three game series against the Cubs. The Rockies hope...

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