• March 15Jeff Maupin's fifth period Algebra 1 class set fire to a nearby field while launching Estes rockets for a project

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Sierra Summit

C White-7th grade boys basketball

March 16

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A-7th grade boys basketball

Fire in the Field across the street

March 15

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Jeffr. Maupin

Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

February 13

Should students know CPR

Drew Kida, Editor

February 9

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Some students may say you don’t need to know CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to make it through Middle school and High school, But what is your teacher has a heart attack and there is no time to get medical help, and in any...

STV 1.30.17

January 30

Alison Carrico Profile

Avery Shankles, Staff

January 30

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Name: Alison Carrico Grade: Seventh grade/telluride What do you do when not in school? "I really like to cook." What do you cook? "Mostly pasta, but I bake sometimes too. Things like brownies and cookies." When ...

Are Video Games Bad?

December 1

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Video Games have generally made a bad impression on the parents of this day and age,  parents and teachers say that video games are bad for children and “rot their brain’’ But parents should at least read the facts to see...

The student news site of Sierra Middle School