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Is Social Media Bad for Teens?

Max Giddens, Staff

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Social media is a bad place for teens to go. Kids are too young and not mature enough to understand the possible consequences of social media. That being said, I say that teens should not have social media and there should be an age limit.

Social media causes people to spend more time face to computer than face to face. 47% of people spend time on their phone over meals than talking face to face with their peers.

Social media is a disease to teens. Often it is demonstrated to connect with friends and family, but the truth is, 29% of internet sexual crime started with social media and 26% of it is on minors.

According to DoSomething.com survey said 70% of students in the United States witness or experience cyber-bulling.

People say that social media spreads your information faster to everybody but privacy is a problem in social media and your information can possibly be sent to others.

Others say that it helps with education by typing repetitively, but it affects the kids grades negatively with all the spell checks they make on common grammar mistakes.

Teens should not use social media and there should be an age limit until teens start to mature.

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Is Social Media Bad for Teens?