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Fidget Products Should be Banned from Schools

Jade Miracle, Staff

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Fidget spinners, fidget cubes, putty, and everything like it, were originally made for kids with ADHD, who have to constantly be in motion, but now these products have been popular with kids who don’t have ADHD, and now are labeled as a toy. Most kids will pull out a fidget spinner in class and are easily distracted by it, also distracting other students around them.

 Students, can also forget these items in the classroom if they leave in a rush, putty will most likely end up on a floor, or stuck to a computer, fidget cubes or spinners can be forgotten under or on desks than found and taken by another student.


“No, fidget spinners should not be banned  because some kids have ADHD need them for stress and to be in constant motion, if they are a distraction they should be taken away.” Alex Heckle, a student with ADHD, said.


So if they are a distraction, why aren’t they being taken away? Students are more likely to pull it out when the teacher is out of the room, or at their desk grading papers, students will also try to hide the fidget under their desk. When the teacher returns to the room, or starts to talk to the class, then it goes back in their backpack.


If the fidgets are designed for kids with ADHD, than why are they on Amazon, and sites like it, and not only where people with ADHD can get one?


 “As a scientist, I don’t get the science behind fidget spinners, and until someone proves to me what the science is behind them, I will allow them in my classroom,”  Corey Sicard, a 7th grade science teacher on team Snowmass, said. Snowmass has already banned students on the team from using them in the classroom. Mr.Sicard has already had to take 9 fidgets away from students in his class.


“I have no problem with people using fidget spinners in the classroom at appropriate times,”  Melissa McVoy, the health teacher on team Wolf Creek, said. “I’ve had to take away about 5-6 fidgets, but I’ve had to tell more then 5 or 6 to put them away.”


Fidget Spinners should be taken away if they are a distraction, and schools should only allow kids with ADHD to have these and products like them.


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Fidget Products Should be Banned from Schools