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End of season boys basketball 8th grade.

Andrew Janeczek and Noah Exum, Staff

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All of the the teams did good in the 2017 8th grade boys basketball.  On February 25th, we had a tournament at Ponderosa High School. A team got Second place.


A team, coached by Nicholas Ahrens got second place out of the entire tournament. We beat Cimarron.


B team went 2-4. Brian Hunt was the coach. The team had a good start, going 2-1 for the first 3 games, but then lost the rest.


C team, Palmers blue team went 3-3. Palmers white team was 4-2. “I had more fun than I expected, because I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never played before. It was really fun,” said Noah Hughes, from Palmer Blue.


C team, Sheffield’s blue team went 3-3, and Sheffield’s white team went 2-4. Sheffield’s white team also got off to a good start at the beginning of the season, but then lost three games in a row. Sheffield’s blue team ended the season off on a good note, by winning the last game.


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The student news site of Sierra Middle School
End of season boys basketball 8th grade.