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Sierra Summit

VolleyBall Tournament

Kenzie McKnight, Staff

Students and Staff at Sierra held a volleyball tournament on Friday, September 29. Teachers be schoolin came in first, but out of the student matches, 2 legit to hit won. ...

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Bug Problem in Sierra Middle School

October 3, 2017

Science Presentations

September 29, 2017

Keurig Stolen

Keurig Stolen

September 21, 2017

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Chloe Savacool, Staff

Students at Sierra Middle School need to start recycling more. You can help by recycling plastic and paper more often during lunch and in class instead of throwing them away. ...

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10/4 8th grade tackle football-Sagewood

Bobby West, Staff

Sierra’s 8th grade flag football team played at Ponderosa High School against Sagewood.The game was 10/4, with Sierra losing  27-12. Coach Cory Sicard said “I thought our play...

October 17, 2017No Comments

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How to finish the year strong

Khayla Minty, Staff

Finishing the year strong is always important. Moving on to a different grade can be hard especially if you don't aim for good grades. Having good work habits may be difficu...

May 8, 2017No Comments

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  • Great Wolf Lodge Review January 31, 2017
  • School Times Should be Changed January 20, 2016

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The student news site of Sierra Middle School
The student news site of Sierra Middle School