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Sarah Heller, Staff

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Maggiano’s is by far the best Italian restaurant ever! It’s located at 500 16th St. Denver. CO 80202. They provide amazing italian pastas, such as Rigatoni D, Linguine de Mare, the classic Spaghetti and Meatball, and many many more!

“I enjoyed the food, it was very delicious”, said Sandra Heller

Maggiano’s is a really fancy restaurant, one of the fanciest that I have been to. The service was great, because they always made sure that you were satisfied. The food service is also amazing. We got our food very fast. They also made sure to tell you what your order was before they place the food down, to make sure that they got it right.

The service was excellent! The waitress was very prompt on bringing out our food on time, said Blake Dawson

While I was eating my food, I realized that when the waiters don’t have anything to do, they make sure that the tables are nice and neat for the customers. It felt really professional that they didn’t mess around with other waiters.

If I were to compare this to Olive Garden, Maggiano’s would definitely win. Maggiano’s was more fancy, had better service, and had bigger dinner portions.

“I think Maggiano’s is better than Olive Garden, because the service is better, and they had more food options”, said Maddie Davis

When you go to Maggiano’s, depending on the meal, you could take home a free dinner.

I ordered the Mama’s Lasagna, and it was pretty cheap. It was big. I even got to take a free one home, said Ryan Heller

I would give this restaurant a 5 star rating in a heartbeat. They have great service, great food, and great food serving sizes. I ate the gluten free penne pasta, and I greatly recommend it. Especially if you have gluten free allergies. I also recommend eating the pasta with the chunky tomato sauce, which gives bursts of flavor for every bite.


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