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Casa Mariachi Review

Sky Huson, Staff

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Casa Mariachi, a family restaurant, has many foods to chose from. They don’t only provide Mexican food, they also have burgers and other popular American foods.

They have a wide variety of food to chose from on the menu. From enchiladas, to chicken tenders to taquitos. Casa Mariachi also has chips and dip you can choose. They have guacamole, spicy cheese dip, green chile, and more.

I prefer the more spicy foods but not too spicy. There were so many foods on the menu and so much we wanted, but we decided that we would not spend all of our money. So I decided to get the Chicken Taquitos, guacamole on top, and a side of guacamole and chips because I love guacamole more than anything.

Since I really like guacamole, this place was the place for me. The guacamole tasted fresh and amazingly spiced. The chicken was warm and chopped up perfectly. The outer tortilla was slightly moist but very soft.

The restaurant can get busy, but you can also order 15 minutes before you go get it. You may also choose to do takeout and go pick it up for however long they tell you. My family decides to do takeout because it usually only takes about 15-20 minutes until they have us come pick it up.

Obviously, this restaurant is a kind of restaurant that your family might enjoy if you like Mexican foods. The foods there are honestly a very reasonable price!

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Casa Mariachi Review