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Texas Road House review

Mykayla Tucker, Staff

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Texas roadhouse is a steakhouse that is located at 11205 S Parker road, Parker CO 80134.

It is a great place to have a family dinner the atmosphere is great there is never a bad waitress, every night they have a special and they have a daily special called early dine from 4-6 that means you can get a steak and 2 sides for 8.99.

They are open from 4-10 on weekdays but on weekends they open at 11 and close at 11 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.

They have a rating of 4.2. They have a option to call early if you want to call ahead because they get really busy starting at 6:30. Or call ahead so you can pick up your order and take it home. Their phone number to call is 303-805-5848. They have any price range 9 to 29 dollars.

Texas roadhouse is known for their steaks, so that’s what I got. I got the 6oz sirloin With mashed potato soup and a side salad. I got the steak medium rare and the salad with ranch.

The steak Melted in my mouth. The salad I got had ranch dressing egg cheese and croutons. It is one of the best salads out there it wasn’t like a Mcdonald’s salad, The lettuce had a fresh biting texture and a slight crunch.

Last side I got was the mashed potato soup it had bacon cheese and onion, It had the perfect amount of salt. For a drink I got one of the fruit lemonade I got raspberry it had the perfect amount of sweet that is was savory sweet, but not something you would only get if you had a sweet tooth.


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Texas Road House review