Indochine Review

Hayley Withrow, Staff

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Indochine is a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant located on Main street. They serve things like pad thai, soup, and curry. Their address is 19751 Main street, Parker CO, 80138. On Yelp, it has four out of five stars, and the average price per person is anywhere from $11-$30. According to their website, they are ranked as the best restaurant in Parker for Asian food.

Overall, this place is amazing. I had the pad thai with chicken and peanuts, and it wasn’t super spicy and it had great flavor. The restaurant is almost always clean, and every table is cleaned after each customer. One downside is that most of their food is spicy, and some people don’t like spice. The restaurant is pretty small, and there is almost always a wait. I have always enjoyed going there, and the staff is always friendly.

The tables are cramped because of the way they are set up, but the outdoor seating is amazing.

I would choose this over Johnny’s Asian Bistro because Indochine serves more unique food that most Americans haven’t tried yet. Johnny’s doesn’t really have a big selection of what foods you can get. Indochine is also cleaner and the staff members are much nicer. Compared to Johnny’s, the staff members are so kind and treat every customer like family. Although Johnny’s has huge portions, Indochine has more of a selection.

I would recommend this incredible restaurant to people who want to try something new and different. People who dislike spice should not go here or order something that they know isn’t spicy. Indochine is an amazing restaurant, and almost everything they serve is delicious.

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