Review of Real de Minas

Catalina Clay, Staff

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Real de Minas is a Mexican restaurant located at 1577, 6775 S Cornerstar Way, Aurora, CO 80016. They are open from 9:00AM-10:00PM everyday. You can reach them over the phone at (303) 766-2207 or find their website at

At Real de Minas, my group in all ordered ground beef quesadillas that costed $9.99, two chile relleno plates that each costed $9.99, and a tamale plate that costed $9.99 as well. For drinks we ordered Cherry Pepsi (three orders) and one order of sprite. Before our meals came, our table had two baskets of chips, two little bowls of salsa, and two little bowls of a black bean dip.

In all, my entire party can say that they enjoyed their food. It was made just as we expected, and didn’t have any bad tastes. Everyone’s food was cooked excellently and excluded the things we didn’t want on there. We also greatly enjoyed the chips, salsa, and bean dip before our meal. The service was also great, which made an even better impression. All of the employees were kind and made sure that our food was made exactly how we wanted it to be.

At Real de Minas, the food was similar to Las Delicias. Las Delicias is a Mexican restaurant in Old Town Parker. They both have great food and good options on their menus. People seem to enjoy both restaurants and tend to love their food.

If you are looking for a good Mexican restaurant to eat at, Real de Minas would be a great option! You have many different choices of Mexican food to eat there and a variety of dishes to choose from. Real de Minas has many amazing options to eat there and would be a great restaurant to visit.

Catalina Clay
This is the menu that you get when you visit Real de Minas.

Catalina Clay
This is the outside of Real de Minas.

Catalina Clay
These are some of the quesadillas from Real de Minas. They come with a side of lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole.