Review of Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant

Hayley Withrow, Editor

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The famous foot long burrito.


Chuy’s is a Mexican restaurant that originated in Austin, Texas. They have about 102 locations, including some newer ones here in Denver. There locations 6595 W 104th Ave, Westminster, 80020 and 499 S Vance St. Lakewood 80226. They are open from 11am to 10pm

Chuy’s serves Tex Mex food, and everything is made right there in the restaurant. They serve thing like guacamole, nachos, and quesadillas for appetizers. Some entrees are foot long burritos, taco salad, tortilla soup, tacos, chile rellenos, and much more. They have a wide variety of food and drinks on their menu.

The second I walked in, I knew this was going to be a great meal. They were packed with people, you could smell the food from a mile away, and the staff were super friendly. I ordered one of their famous foot long burritos, and wow! It tasted like it was just made, and the way the sauce dripped over the sides just made it a hundred times better.

I wouldn’t compare this to your average Taco Bell. This food is ten times better, and they also have homemade tortillas. The food here is beyond amazing, and is easily the greatest Mexican food I’ve ever had.

I would recommend Chuy’s to anyone who loves Mexican food, or just loves food in general. This place is great for families because they have a kids menu. This place caters to people of all ages.