Culver’s Review

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

Culver’s is a fast-food burger chain that is known for its fresh frozen custard and specialty butter burgers. They are open from 10:00 A.M. through 10:00 P.M. every day of the week. They are, however, closed on major holidays. It is located off of Mainstreet at 18561 Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80134, and fairly easy to find.

When my dad and I arrived, there was a small line to order. It was about the time of dinner rush, but when we did get to order, the person who took our order seemed very friendly and ready to help with any question you may have about the menu. I ordered a kid’s cheeseburger, a small fry, and a fountain drink. (The kid’s meals are $5.99 which include a meal, side, drink, and free scoop of frozen custard) My dad ordered a chicken sandwich and green beans ($4.29 for the sandwich and $1.89 for the green beans). Unfortunately, they do charge you if you want mayonnaise on your sandwich/burger, but if you ask for it when they bring your food out, they give it for free. I found that a bit weird, and they do not charge you for any other condiments.

Culver’s is a seat-yourself kind of restaurant, so after we ordered, we found a nice booth. The floor and booths were mostly clean, but definitely not the kind place that you would want to take someone very important (unless they really like burgers and frozen custard). They delivered the food within ten minutes, which is pretty quick considering it was dinner rush.

You can choose your own fountain drink from a soda machine, and there are many different choices (including water, Pepsi, sprite, and rootbeer) The food was good, still warm, and both the burger and chicken sandwich were cooked thoroughly. The green beans were steamed and had little chunks of onion mixed in with them, giving them more of a flavor than regular green beans. The fries were a bit soft, whereas I would prefer them to be a little more crunchy. But all in all, the food was good.

After we finished the meal, I ordered frozen custard. I got the vanilla with cookie dough (it was free, the kid’s meal comes with a free token for custard, it is attached to the bag, and pulls off easily). It was creamy, and the cookie dough was not too hard. I would recommend getting the fresh frozen custard, it tastes a lot like ice cream, but it is supposed to be healthier.

It is very similar to other burger-chains, especially like Freddy’s, but the layout of the restaurant is more friendly. Overall, I would recommend Culver’s if you are looking for a nice (but greasy) meal with your family and friends.