Lora’s Donuts Review

Catalina Clay, Staff

Lora’s Donuts is a donut shop located at 11804 Oswego St, Englewood, CO 80112. They are open Sunday from 6AM-2PM, Monday from 5AM-12PM, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5AM-1PM, and Thursday through Saturday from 5AM-2PM. Their website is https://www.lorasdonutsandbakeryshop.com/ and their phone number is (303) 662-8315.

While I visited Lora’s Donuts, I got a box of a dozen donuts. Some of the donuts were M&M donuts, sprinkled cake donuts, chocolate frosted donuts, maple glazed donuts, and French crullers.

The people who served us and helped us were very kind and didn’t take too long to help us get our donuts. We also loved the donuts we got! Everything was good and we loved what we got!

Lora’s Donuts is similar to Krispy Kreme, but their donuts are a little bit bigger on average. There donuts are also similar to the donuts that you can buy at King Soopers.

I would recommed anyone who would like to get a good donut to stop by Lora’s Donuts and try out what they have to offer! I think anyone would love what they have to offer, like muffins and other pastries, even if they don’t like donuts!

These are the donuts I got.
This is the box that you receive with your donuts.
These are some of the donuts you can get.
This is some of the selection and menu.
This is the outside.