MOD Pizza Review

Brooke Hudson, Editor

MOD Pizza is a restaurant chain located all over Colorado. The closet location is 18300 Cottonwood Dr, Suite 111 Parker, CO 80138. But there also other locations in Castle Rock and Park Meadows. Here you can eat pizza, salad, shakes, and more! This restaurant is meant for a nice quick and easy meal. 


When you walk in there is a board full of different pizzas and salads you can choose from, or you can make your own. MOD is  set up like subway. Where you order want you want and they make it in front of you. Here, you can chose many sauces, meat, vegetables, and more. When you are done with your order they make your pizza in a oven and it takes about five minutes. You can choose from 2 sizes, a regular 11 inch pizza, and a 6 inch personal pizza. Same, with the salad a small and a large. 


The location in Parker is semi new, while the other locations are a order, but still looks brand new. It is very welcoming with colors, music, and more. The restaurant has friendly staff, plenty of space, and is clean.  Some bonuses is you can order a mini cake (which is really good)or some fresh made lemonade, tea, and etc…. My favorite bonus is milkshakes, you can get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry (depending on the locations) and they also have the shake of the month. 


Overall, I think this is a very good restaurant with good service and food. It is a very good to take your friends too or if you are looking for something quick. I would definitely recommend this place to you. Every time I have been there, I never had a bad experience.