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The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Brooke Hudson, Editor

March 5, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is know as the holiday of luck. Every year, on March 17th, big parades happen in big cities. Like the historic St. Patricks Parade in Chicago where thousands of people line the streets and look at Chicago Riv...

Healthy Eating Habits Affects School Work Ethic

Madison Nesti, Staff

March 5, 2020

Some Sierra Middle School students may think that they have developed healthy eating habits. However, most of them do not. Eating healthy can affect school work ethic and can be helped or changed at any time. Not only will eati...

Everything to Know About Depression

Elie Yates, Staff

March 4, 2020

It can be easy to joke about depression, we do it all the time when it comes to school, chores, and other things we don't like to do. But, depression can be a real thing among teens and can be a big issue for the people dealin...

Pros and Cons of Daylight Savings

Emma Galesic, Editor

March 4, 2020

Daylight savings was created a long time ago so that people could save energy and make a better use of the time that we have in the daylight; but, is the time change really beneficial, or are there more drawbacks into saving the...

How To Cope With Stress

How To Cope With Stress

February 28, 2020

What should or shouldn’t be posted online?

Georgia Moran, Staff

February 27, 2020

Recently, there has been a video of a fight that occurred at Sierra going around the internet. Things like this posted may seem totally harmless, but in reality, they are incredibly dangerous Fights don’t occur often here, but when th...

Dealing With Peer Pressure

Brooke Hudson, Editor

February 25, 2020

Peer Pressure is the influence of people from their peers. Middle school is a time in your life where everything around you is changing. Peer Pressure will occur in your life under some type of circumstance. Most of the time ...

Improving Your Grades

Brooke Hudson, Editor

February 13, 2020

Third Quarter is always long and dreadful. With the most intense content all year and teachers trying to cram in a bunch of new content before cmas. Many kids get sick with the flu , miss a lot of school, or some kids just si...

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