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Why We Should Have a Healthy Breakfast

Khloe Danielson, Staff

February 11, 2019

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As you all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You might like cereal for breakfast, avocado toast or bacon and eggs for breakfast. Hate to tell you this but you should eat healthy breakfast because it gives you ...

Why Breakfast is Important

Catalina Clay, Staff

February 8, 2019

Filed under Features, Health

Everyone has heard the term: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people disregard it after a while because it gets old. Many people also don’t eat breakfast in the morning while knowing this term. Breakfast is...

How to Prepare for School the Night Before

Becca Lewis, Staff

February 4, 2019

Filed under Features, Student Life

Many students have a daily rush getting ready for school in the morning.  To be on time to their school, some students skip breakfast, or fall asleep in class because they had to get up so early.  So what if there was a way to...

History of Parker, Colorado

Anna Lucas, Staff

February 4, 2019

Filed under Best of Parker, Features

The first inhabitants of the Parker area were a group of ancient (prehistoric) Indians, called the Plains-Woodland Indians. However, by the 1800’s Parker and its surrounded areas began being used as hunting grounds for Indian T...

Is Working Alone Affecting Kids Grades

Kayden B, Staff

January 31, 2019

Filed under Features, Opinion

Is working solo affecting kids grades, these are some of the things that people have came up to me before and asked. Working solo in my opinion feels like the best way for me to work. Does it help others? When I look at groups working sometimes in my opinion I see that a lot of the times that the kids wi...

Best Albums for Teens

Best Albums for Teens

January 31, 2019

Pros and Cons About Snow Days

Khloe Danielson, Staff

January 28, 2019

Filed under Features

Many people think that snow days are fun and you get to miss school and don't have any homework.  But there are some cons about snow days and pros. Some of the cons people agree with and some of the pros people agree with. ...

Time To Sign Up for Battle of The Books!

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

January 28, 2019

Filed under Features, News

Are you looking for a variety of new books? Or perhaps you would like a friendly competition with your peers? Or maybe you just love to read and want to find people who have that same interest? It’s time to sign up for Batt...

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