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Trampoline Exercise

Luis Guzman, Staff

February 5, 2016

Filed under Health

There are many different ways to exercise. Some may be boring and some may be too hard to do, but here’s a fun way to exercise, jumping on a trampoline. They’re not just some playhouse for little kids or somewhere to just mess ...

Healthy ways to start off your day

Drew Kida, Writer/Staff

January 25, 2016

Filed under Health

Middle schoolers wake up in the morning sore and tired and it can cause you to fall behind in school work and even fall asleep in class! A way to start your day off right is to stretch and eat a healthy breakfast, such as granola...

Do Students Like Sierra’s Lunch?

Anthony Zabeti

January 21, 2016

Filed under Health, Opinion

Most kids go to school, do homework, and participate in curricular activities. When at school, students get hungry and either eat their home lunches or school lunches, but are Sierra’s school lunches good for us? The Cen...

Dangers of Social Media

Hailey Toth, Staff

November 24, 2015

Filed under Features, Health

Social media can be very dangerous in some situations. It can vary from meeting a new friend to finding a creepy internet predator. But, how do you know which one they are? You don't. When you post pictures and information about...

Dangers of Sexting

Jake Olson

May 18, 2015

Filed under Health

The idea of sexting or sending and receiving sexual images and texts through technology has become a huge problem among teens. At local schools, the authorities have taken control of the situation multiple times. At Legend...

Summer Clothes Trends

Lauren Haviland

May 18, 2015

Filed under Health

Every summer, a new trend of summer clothing comes and goes. This year, what will the new fad be? In 2009, its seems that every teen girl wore a bright color and a bold print paired with a cuff bracelet. If you were to walk...

Exercise Routine

Isaiah Neisler

May 18, 2015

Filed under Health

Do you have a small stature? Want to build muscle? Or maybe just want to work out and stay healthy? Then I strongly recommend making a workout regimen that’s accustomed to you! The good thing about making your own is that...

Healthy Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Emilie Garrett, Staff

May 18, 2015

Filed under Health

Have you ever felt like you have had low self esteem? Well the truth is, you’re not alone. Here are some healthy ways to get your self esteem boosted. The most important way to boost your self esteem is to think positive....

D.I.Y. Colorful Shoelace Bracletes

Emilie Garrett, Staff

May 18, 2015

Filed under Health, Recipes, Student Life

Learn how to make fun and colorful D.I.Y. shoelace bracelets with only a small amount of easy to follow steps!   Things you need: 3 shoelaces (any colors of your choice) Scissors Scotch tape Directions: Tie all three of the shoelaces together at...

summertime exercise

morgan king, staff

May 11, 2015

Filed under Health

Summer is almost here, after a long school year we can sleep in and spend time with friends and family instead of homework. It is also a great time to exercise! Yes exercise, it doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym...

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