Sierra Summit

Homework is Bad for Kids

Victoria Dojaquez, Staff

March 5, 2020

It's hard for kids to keep up with 7 different classes and their work, but going home and doing more homework doesn’t help. Homework is used as a tool to keep kids up with their lessons but often times is overused and stresses ...

All Students Should Take a Language Class

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

March 2, 2020

Language classes are offered at middle schools and high schools, but that doesn’t mean that students have to take them. Language classes, like Spanish and French, should be required classes that students have to take in high s...

The Vandalism Problem at Sierra

Elie Yates, Staff

March 1, 2020

Walking around our school, you may notice drawings on the walls, writing in the bathroom stalls, and other pieces of our school property that has been destroyed. These are all acts of vandalism, big or small they effect all of...

What should or shouldn’t be posted online?

Georgia Moran, Staff

February 27, 2020

Recently, there has been a video of a fight that occurred at Sierra going around the internet. Things like this posted may seem totally harmless, but in reality, they are incredibly dangerous Fights don’t occur often here, but when th...

Why Sierra should have an I-lab

Jade Swiryn, Staff

February 27, 2020

Many schools have an I-lab elective on top of all their other ones. I-lab, or innovation lab, teaches creativity and, unsurprisingly, innovation. In I-lab the teacher might give you a problem and it’s your job to come up wi...

Psychological help in schools doesn’t work

Jade Swiryn, Staff

February 18, 2020

The pediatric center for disease control reports suicide in children has doubled in the years after 2013. Some of that is due to problems outside of school, but the lack of good support from schools definitely plays an important r...

Why Parents Shouldn’t Argue in Front of their Kids

Emma Galesic, Editor

February 11, 2020

Many families think that arguing in front of their children is acceptable, or they think nothing of the sort; as a result, it can cause their kids to have many issues. Even when they do not realize it, and are only focused on the...

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