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Why Parents Shouldn’t Argue in Front of their Kids

Emma Galesic, Editor

February 11, 2020

Many families think that arguing in front of their children is acceptable, or they think nothing of the sort; as a result, it can cause their kids to have many issues. Even when they do not realize it, and are only focused on the...

Do Students Need Better Hygiene?

Georgia Moran, Editor

February 5, 2020

Kids are missing school more and more lately because they’re sick with the flu, a cold, or any other sickness going around. If we had a way to maintain a higher attendance at this school, wouldn’t we take advantage of it? You ma...

Change In School Times

Aubryn Peterson, Staff

February 3, 2020

You drag yourself out of bed in the morning, basketball and homework caused you so much stress last night you couldn’t fall asleep until eleven o’clock. You have an essay to write for language arts and you should’ve studie...

Would Going On More Field Trips Benefit Sierra Middle School Students?

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

February 3, 2020

Many students have experienced the joy of going on field trips. Going on field trips should be a regular activity in schools because field trips lead to better grades, keep students engaged in learning, and field trips introduce stude...

School Lunches Need to be Replaced With Healthier Options

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

January 27, 2020

School lunches lack the nutrition that students need to maintain healthy lifestyles. Schools need to stop providing such unhealthy foods to students. First, schools are not providing the nutrients that kids need. The only fruit...

The Importance of Vaccinations

Elie Yates, Staff

January 27, 2020

Colorado’s law requires all students to be vaccinated before going to school, but there are still kids going to school unvaccinated. Because vaccines protect you from many deadly diseases, they work very well, and they protec...

Sierra Middle School Bullying Issue

Madison Nesti, Staff

January 22, 2020

Sierra Middle School watches videos during advisory for students to learn about bullying and how to help prevent it. But what is the point of showing those videos and giving us lessons about it if bullying continues to get wo...

Sierra Should Have Four Day Weeks

Brooke Hudson, Editor

January 16, 2020

With Colorado being a state that has a lot of schools jumping in on the four day school week trend, isn't it time for Douglas County to make the switch? Over the past decade many school districts have made the change. But still...

Is the school day long enough?

Brooke Hudson and Emma Galesic

December 16, 2019

The debate whether school should be lengthened or shortened has been going on for many years. This thought has crossed many people's minds and schools don’t know whether it’s the right decision or not.  According to Color...

Should Enrichment Be Brought Back?

Georgia Moran, Editor

November 7, 2019

Last year, Sierra had a program called Enrichment, which was replaced by SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) this year. Enrichment happened every Wednesday for the last 45 minutes at school, and there were around thirty options to c...

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