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Sierra needs longer lunch periods

Jaxson Rupert, Team Lead

February 19, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Sierra’s lunch periods are about 25 minutes long. Is this long enough for the sierra students? Do they have enough time to eat lunch? Lots of Sierra students usually go to the snack bar which normally has a long line th...

Lunchroom Rules

Maddie Davis

February 18, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Sierra Middle School should change their lunchroom rules to give the students more freedom by letting them go outside all throughout lunch, and leaving the cafeteria doors without a guard. The cafeteria door is guarded by a security ...


Sarah Heller

February 17, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Students should wear uniforms to school, because there are many benefits to having students wear uniforms. Research from Fresno Pacific University shows that when there are school uniforms in use, it would be a more safe an...

Students should think twice before dying hair.

Abigail Elia, Staff

February 10, 2016

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In this day and age dyeing you hair is normal for most teens, but are the side effects really worth it? First off, dying you hair increases your chances for cancer. 30% of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) cancer is caused by ...

Sierra should start later in the morning

Katie Baker, Editor in Chief

February 8, 2016

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The first thing students see in the morning when they walk into Sierra is a group of zombies waiting for their friends, and trying to wake up. All throughout the day, students see the same thing. Sleep deprivation and tiredness...

Etiquette and Espionage

Etiquette and Espionage

January 26, 2016

Should SMS get more electives?

Christian Carew, Team Leader

January 25, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Sierra Middle School should add more electives to give students more choices and learn more skills. Students are wanting classes that can help them with things that they will have to do in the future, classes that let the students l...

Dress Code

Kilee Stortz, Staff

January 25, 2016

Filed under Opinion

For teachers, when winter ends that means sweaters go, and shorts come out of hibernation. So begins the endless battles between teachers and kids of what they can and can’t wear to school. Many students, usually girls, complain abou...

Do Students Like Sierra’s Lunch?

Anthony Zabeti

January 21, 2016

Filed under Health, Opinion

Most kids go to school, do homework, and participate in curricular activities. When at school, students get hungry and either eat their home lunches or school lunches, but are Sierra’s school lunches good for us? The Cen...

Students Have Too Much Homework

Caden Kostka-Newman

January 19, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Students get too much homework every night. And with the homework load only getting bigger as we grow older, the homework load needs to be lowered. Many students complain of too much homework, but it’s not all complaining...

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