Sierra Summit

People of Sierra: Kaden Entzi

Brandon Freeburg, Staff

September 14, 2017

Kaden Anthony Entzi   Birthday-March,3,2004   Grade-8th grade Falcon   Family-Mom,Dad,Little brother,Grandma,Aunt,Uncle,Cousins What’s you favorite artist. “He said Eminem because I have ...

People of Sierra: Andrew Janeczek

Dallas Novak, Staff

September 12, 2017

Name: Andrew Janeczek Birthday: August 7, 2004 Team: Hawk 8th Grade What sports do you play? I play baseball and football. What team are you on in football, how long have you played it? I am on the Sierra middle ...

People of Sierra: Noah Nix

Luke Blevin, Staff

September 12, 2017

Today I asked Wolf Creek 7th grader Noah Nix some questions. What is your favorite class at sierra? I really like language arts because I think Ms. Lueck is nice. She makes the class a lot easier for me with the way she teach...

People Of Sierra: Brie Murphy

Sky Huson, Staff

September 12, 2017

Full Name- Gabrielle A. Murphy Nickname- Brie Birthday- April 23, 2004 Grade/Team- 8th/Falcon Family- My dad, my mom, and my younger brother Any classes you really enjoy? I really enjoy Spanish because the teache...

People of Sierra: Justine Teters

Bobby West, Staff

September 12, 2017

Name-Justine Teters Nickname-Teenie and Justine Weenie Birthday-August 25,2004 Grade/Team-8th grade Hawk Family-Has one brother and lives with both parents.Has three cats and one dog. What is something you do that you enjoy?I enjoy pl...

People of Sierra: Blake Hammel

Brooks Wiley, Staff

September 11, 2017

Full Name- Blake Brighton Hammel Birthday- March 28, 2005 Grade- 7th Team- Wolf Creek Family- Blake, Dayton(Brother), Robb(Dad), Cheryl(Mom) What do you enjoy during your daily life at home? I like building stuff, play...

People of Sierra: Brooks Wiley

Blake Hammel, Staff

September 11, 2017

Name: Brooks Howard Wiley Birthday: Dec 20, 2004 Grade and team: 7th / Wolf Creek Family: Ashley, Forrest, Brea, (Paul/Dad)(Brandy/Mom) 7 Questions Where do you live?I live on a farm in Parker, Colorado. Do you have any pets?I hav...

People of Sierra: Bobby West

Justine Teters, Staff

September 11, 2017

Full name- Robert Austin West Nickname- Bobby Grade/ Team- 8th grade, Phoenix Do you have any siblings? If so, do you get along with them?- I have five sisters and 1 brother. We all get along pretty well but sometimes we ...

People of Sierra: Mackenzie Mcknight

Victoria Thorp, Staff

September 11, 2017

Name: Mackenzie Mcknight Nickname: Kenzie Age: 13 Hometown: Charlotte,North Carolina Mackenzie Mcknight is 13 years old,lives in Parker, and goes to Sierra Middle School. I interviewed her on September 7, 2017 and ha...

People of Sierra: Victoria Thorp

Kenzie Mcknight, Staff

September 11, 2017

Full Name- Victoria Thorp Nickname- Tori Grade/Team- 8th, Falcon Do you enjoy playing volleyball? I do, but I haven’t been playing that long. This is my first year playing, but I think I will like it more the more I ...

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