Sierra Summit

People of Sierra: Jaden Martinson

Chloe Savacool, Staff

September 8, 2017

Full name: Jaden James Martinson Birthday: September 21, 2004 Team: 7th grader on Snowmass Family: Mom, Dad, Jack (dog), Kimber (rabbit) Nickname: Goose Would you like to have a brother or sister? Why? What would you ...

People of Sierra: Brenda Gonzales

Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

September 8, 2017

Full Name: Brenda Esmeralda Gonzales Birthday: December 29, 2004 Team: 7th/ Snowmass Family: Mom, Dad, Step-Dad, older sister (14), 2 younger brothers (10, 8) What is your favorite sport to play? Why? I love soccer and when I play...

Megan Lonneman Profile

Megan Lonneman Profile

March 13, 2017

Belle Conner’s People profile

Maddie Cowles, staff

February 27, 2017

Name: Belle Conner Team: Wolf Creek What's your favorite sport? “My favorite sport is volleyball.”   Do you play on at team? “ Yes I play on a competitive team.”   What's your gym/...

People Profile ~ Taylor Roberts

Jade Miracle, Staff

February 27, 2017

Full Name: Taylor Roberts Nicknames: "Tay" Team: Snowmass Grade: 7th    What do you normally do outside of school?: "Volleyball, play on phone, and other stuff."  What is your favorite band? Why? ...

People Profile- Ryan Peacock

Hailey Toth

February 23, 2017

Name- Ryan “I'ma” Peacock Team- Telluride and Falcon   What inspired you to be a teacher? “Great teacher and great opportunities to always be active.” Are you changing your teaching skills for this year? ...

Jamie Lee People Profile

Alex Heckle, Entertainment editor

February 10, 2017

Full name- Jamie Alexis Lee   Nicknames- Haime(hi-may), JJ, Jamie jam, j-bug    grade / Team- 7th Grade Snowmass   What kind of music do you like? Country, pop, punk rock, and classic rock.   ...

Students at Sierra – Zane Smith

Taelor Avalos, Editor

February 2, 2017

Name: Zane Smith Grade: 8th grade Team: Falcon Age: 13 Birthday: June 23, 2003   What is your favorite thing to do? “ My favorite thing to do is to do baseball. It's what I've been doing since I was in ki...

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