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Molasses Cookies

Julie Elliott

February 12, 2014

Filed under Recipes

Molasses Cookies Ingredients:  - ¾ cups butter -¼ cups molasses -2 tablespoons baking soda -1 tablespoon baking powder -2 cups flour -1 teaspoon cloves -1 tsp ginger -1 tsp cinnamon -1 tsp salt -1 cup sugar -1...

Spicy Heaven Jalapeño Poppers

Logan Morris

February 4, 2014

Filed under Recipes

Prep Time : 15  Minutes Cook Time: 25-30 Minutes Ingredients  12       wooden toothpicks 4       oz. (half of 8-oz package) cream cheese, softened 2         tablespoons chopped fresh chives or finely chopped gr...

Triple Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Geoffrey Chessen

February 3, 2014

Filed under Recipes

Ingredients 1 box of Krusteaz triple chocolate chunk 1/2 cup of butter 1 egg Ice cream(any flavor) Sprinkles (optional)   Directions Heat oven to 350 degrees F (375 degrees F if using i...

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Ayla Main

January 29, 2014

Filed under Recipes, Showcase

Ingredients:                        2 cups all-purpose flour                 1/3 cup vegetable oil                                 1/2 cup white sugar       ...

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