Sierra Summit


Luke Blevin, Noah Nix, Dalls Novak, Staff

November 17, 2017

On Wednesday, November 15th, Sierra had a wrestling match at Cresthill. Sierra won with an overall score of 46- 24. This was Sierra’s first match, against a team that only had 12 people. In Treyben Miller’s first match ever, he h...

11/8/2017-8th Grade Girls Basketball-Sagewood

Brandon Freeburg, Staff

November 16, 2017

Sierra Middle School’s 8th Grade Girls Basketball team played their first game of the season against Sagewood. On 11/8/2017 we went over to Sagewood to play that game. We won both games A team won 44-42 and B team won 22-21 ...

11/9/17-8th Grade Girl’s Basketball-Cresthill

Brandon Freeburg, Staff

November 16, 2017

8th Grade girls basketball team faced Cresthill Middle School. The game was at Cresthill on 11/9/17. A team lost  38-18 and B team lost 14-12. Coach Jed Palmer said “The girls worked very hard during the second game. We f...

Wrestling Preview

Noah Nix, Dallas Novak, and Luke Blevin, Staff

November 10, 2017

The schedule consists of six matches, with three at home, and three away. Our first game is at Cresthill on Wednesday, November 15. Our second game is at Sagewood on Tuesday, November 28. Our third game is an away game at Cimarro...

8th Grade Girls Basketball Preview

Brandon Freeburg, Staff

November 10, 2017

Sierra Middle Schools 8th grade girls basketball season is starting soon. Their first game will be Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.  A and B team are playing at Sagewood Middle school. The very next game will be away at Cresthill ...

10/4 8th grade tackle football-Sagewood

Bobby West, Staff

October 17, 2017

Sierra’s 8th grade flag football team played at Ponderosa High School against Sagewood.The game was 10/4, with Sierra losing  27-12. Coach Cory Sicard said “I thought our players played the best game of the season.We ma...

Flag Football

Luke Blevin, Staff

October 6, 2017

Flag football is almost the same as tackle football. The only difference is the field is shorter, and instead of tackling the player to bring him down, you pull a flag off of the belt on their waist. The game was first played in the mid 1800s....

Flag Football

Brandon Freeburg, staff

October 5, 2017

Flag football has been played since they 1800’s and is still being played today. Flag football is just like tackle but without the contact and pads. It was a spin off of rugby the sport was very popular in the 1940’s in mili...

9/26/17 7th grade football A-Mountain Ridge

Kaden Entzi

September 29, 2017

Sierra’s 7th grade flag football team played at home against MRMS on September 26th  Sierra won 30-0.   Sierra’s Defense held up on the passing game not allowing a single completion.Nate Tanzella had a rushing touc...

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