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Rocket League ‘Chaos Run DLC’ Is Definitely Worth The Extra Money

Josh Hoekendorf, Section Lead

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Psyonix the creator’s of Rocket League, released a new downloadable content pack called Chaos Run on Tuesday, the first of December. I am very pleased with the new extension, even with the extra cost of $3.99.

Rocket League, a game where you are a car playing soccer in a nutshell. You can do many different soccer kicks, like a bicycle kick! The game allows you to obtain a hat trick when you’ve scored three goals. Your boost ability allows you to fly around the arenas if you really try to.

Chaos Run DLC incorporates 2 new cars, Ripper and Grog. Twelve new paint decals, two new wheels, two new paint types, and two new rocket boost trails. Most of these accessories are split to accommodate each of the new cars.

Wasteland is the new arena introduced in this DLC, basically it’s a sandy, barren wasteland as the name explains itself as. One con to this coliseum is the walls, it’s hard to get up onto them in able to drive across them.  

After playing with the Ripper, I’ve come to conclude that this car has a respectable hitbox which allows you to hit the ball mid-air pretty easily. As well the car has a great turning radius for the size of the car. The Ripper is moderately large car compared to all of the others.

Following up, the voluminous Grog has proved to present greatly when put onto the defensive side of the field. Only play as this car when you know that you’ll be on defense, so I would say not to use it when you are playing 1vs1’s and 2vs2’s.

I recommend this pack to both people who like to attack and score, or who like to defend. I feel that this Chaos Run DLC pack is worth the extra $3.99 for all of the amazing content you get from it.  


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Rocket League ‘Chaos Run DLC’ Is Definitely Worth The Extra Money