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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Review

Noah Hughes, Staff

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (FUT 17) is a game mode within FIFA 17 by Electronic Arts Sports, available on XBOX, PlayStation, PC, iOS, and Android. It was released September 27, 2016 for up to two players. It’s rated E for Everyone, and the game runs on a Frostbite Engine. Wi-Fi is needed along with a gaming account that is capable of using online services. The game is $59.99 and offers in-game purchases. The game can either be bought in store or downloaded on a console.

The objective of FUT 17 is to trade players and build up coins, which is one of the two virtual currencies,, to buy players and create your own team to participate in online and offline season matches. You can also use the coins to participate in a game mode called, “FUT Draft,” which is a mode in which five random formations will be given to choose from, then five players to choose as captain of your FUT Draft. Each position will then have an offering of five random players to complete the squad, or you can choose to autocomplete the squad without choosing the players in each position. There are also Squad Building Challenges in which one can trade in their players for rewards such as coins, packs, or untradeable players. All Squad Building Challenges have different criteria for them to be considered complete. If you’re looking for something even more competitive, FUT Champions is the game mode for you. Participants will compete in a weekly knockout tournament in which four games are needed to be won consecutively in order to qualify for the weekend league. Each daily knockout tournament will have different requirements for the team used to participate such as a specific nation, league, or club, but there are sometimes no requirements in which any team can be used. Once in the weekend league, you’ll have 40 games to play. It’s not required to play all of them, but for the maximum amount of rewards, it’s encouraged to play all of the games. Based on how many wins, goals for, and goals conceded, the game will place you in Top 100, Elite, Gold, Silver, or Bronze based on your gameplay. There are different rewards based on how well one places during the weekend league. These rewards include, coins, packs, and if you finish in Gold or higher, then you receive automatic qualification for the following weekend league meaning that you don’t have to play through the daily knockout tournaments.

During my experience of the game, I noticed there were some things wrong with specific gameplay, as well as some things that worked more consistently than others. One of two things I faced in FUT Champions were speed up lag where the game would freeze for a few seconds, and then catch up to where the game was. This caused me to lose the ball several times and concede twice. There was also lots of defensive-styled play within the game mode. People are so worried of conceding and losing out on rewards so there isn’t a lot of attacking play. I found that the low driven shot aimed to the far post was the most effective way of scoring. This is performed by pressing and holding the shoot button to however much power you want, then quickly pressing the shoot button once more directly after while aiming the left analog to the post farthest from the player you’re controlling. Some cheap and affordable players I found were M’Baye Niang from AC Milan, Nemanja Matic from Chelsea, Kurt Zouma from Chelsea, and Jack Butland for Stoke City. All these players are cheap and very effective. The best formations I used were the 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3(4), 4-3-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2, and the 4-1-2-1-2(2). My personal favorite was the 4-3-1-2 because of the compactness of my players allowing me to make easy passes and play through the center of the pitch.

FUT 17 is similar to FUT 16, but this year’s installment is much more competitive due to the addition of FUT Champions. I also found that a lot of the same formations are still the best ones such as the 4-3-1-2 and 4-3-2-1. Another game it’s similar to is Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2017’s MyClub. The biggest differences between FUT 17 and MyClub are the licenses that each game has. For example, MyClub has licensing to UEFA Champions League, allowing them to incorporate the Champions League into the gameplay whereas FUT 17 does not have the licensing, and having to use different names for it. MyClub, however, does not have licensing to a lot of clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea. They’ve had to use the name Man Red for Manchester United and London FC for Chelsea. There are many more teams that PES don’t have licensing to.

FUT 17 is a very fun game mode within FIFA 17, and I would recommended. Please do be aware that the game is very competitive, and if you don’t have a competing spirit, it may not be as fun for you as it would be for those who do. The game mode will also require time and dedication. You will get back what you put in meaning if you put in a lot of work, you will succeed.  I would also suggest that if you lose your patience quickly, it’s likely you will get very frustrated when playing games. All in all, I would recommend FUT 17 and say that it is worth the money being paid for the game.

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Review