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Restaurant Review Freddy’s

Maddie Cowels, staff

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Everything from mouthwatering burgers to frozen custards and custard cakes Freddy’s is the place to go.

The Freddy’s experience was phenomenal! Walking in the doors, a red and white diner of heaven. The environment is groovy and clothing is laid back. Freddy’s is also known for there properly prepared warm juicy thin steak burgers and fries. There is nothing better than a thin  juicy slab of perfectly grilled meat, coupled with iceberg lettuce oh-so-crunchy, than covered with melted slices of cheese oozing deliciousness over the sides of two perfectly toasted, slightly browned sesame seed buns. Pair this wonderful arrangement  with ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish, and you might have to pinch yourself to make sure what’s on your plate isn’t just a dream.  

In my opinion Freddy’s hits the spot if you’re looking for the perfect burger. Every minute you walk in it’s enjoyable. Everything from the staff, food, and environment. My favorite combo is the number 2 which is Freddy’s perfectly grilled hot dog on a slightly browned bun with thin crispy golden french fries and a root beer.

Comparing Freddy’s to Burger King Freddy’s is on a whole other level. Freddy’s makes your meals fresh right when you order. While Burger King has their food made in the morning and sits in a warm place. Freddys mouth watering delicious fries are hand cut thinly sliced and crispy. On the other hand Burger King’s fries are big chunky mushy sticks of potatoes.

I would recommend this place if you are in for a juicy burger or a juicy grilled hot dog with brown crispy thin cut fries.  More details are listed below.

Location– 11140 S Twenty Mile Rd. Parker Co 80134

Food Type-Steak burgers, frozen custard, and hot dogs.

Working hours– Sunday-Thursday: 10:30am-10:00pm

 Friday-Saturday: 10:30am-11:00pm

Name of restaurant– Freddy’s

Price range– Under $10 for one meal.

Phone number– 303-805-0621

Rating– ⅘ Stars

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Restaurant Review Freddy’s