Wattpad Review

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Wattpad Review

Alex Heckle, Editor

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Do you like writing stories? Wattpad is an app that you can get on your phone, and on computers.


You can also read other people’s stories. There are many different kinds of stories that you can read, like horror, fanfiction, fantasy, and more.


Another great thing about Wattpad is that if you don’t have a book to read you can just read on your phone or a computer.


We got a quote from student Jamie Lee who uses Wattpad regularly, “Wattpad is one of my favorite apps, I can read stories and write them and I love to use my creativity,” she said.


You can also comment on people’s stories and on their account.


Compared to other websites like Kindle Ebooks you don’t have as much variety and you can’t comment on the stories or talk with the people who write the stories.


If you like to read and or write stories this a great website for you to use.

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