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Beauty and the Beast is a Lovely Musical

Khayla Minty, Staff

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Released March 16th, Beauty and the Beast is a lovely musical, fantasy and romance film. Starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and  Luke Evans the great production made 174 million dollars in its opening week.

Directed by Bill Condon Beauty and the Beast runs for a little over then two hours and is rated PG. The elegant costumes involved in the production were done by Jacqueline Durran making the movie what it is.

The film revolves around the Beauty and the Beast story line where a girl is taken captive by a beast in replacement for her father. Both are now stuck with each other resulting in a ending like no other.

While watching the movie  I thought that it was slow going in the beginning and took a while to get the audience interested. There were a lot of  events leading up to the climax that made you wait until you were on the edge of your seat eager to see what would happen next. “ The movie was slow at first but it got good later on, ” Linda Stanley (audience member)

Listening to some of the musical parts in the movie would have been a little hard for me because i’m not a fan of those things. Even with me not liking musicals Beauty and the Beast found a way to make it fun and enjoyable for the time being and I liked it. “ I really enjoyed that movie it was really good,”  Tom Stanley (audience member)

Throughout the movie, Beauty and the Beast gave some great performances from the actors involved. Whether it’s from singing to acting the actors were able to pull you into to the story with their dialogue and musical aspect as well.

I would compare this film to other Disney movies Cinderella and Maleficent. Both movies are fantasy films and released in 2015 and 2014. These movies are all about the life of a Disney princess, so they share that similarity in comparison.

I recommend the movie Beauty and the Beast to anybody who likes Disney princess story lines and musicals. Any age from young to older should go out and enjoy this movie. Beauty and the Beast is a longer animated film, so I suggest it for anybody who is willing to sit for a while.


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Beauty and the Beast is a Lovely Musical