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Boss Baby Review

Tiago O'Brien, Staff

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The new Dreamworks hit movie Boss Baby was released March 31st 2017 and since then it has made a profit of about $125 million dollars.

Tim (the 7 year old boy) and his family have the best life and enjoy having 3 people in their family. But  when a new baby’s arrival impacts Tim in an official sibling rivalry.

“I thought it was really good”, said Jordan Kahn

Alec Baldwin voices as the Boss Baby and Miles Christopher Bakshi voices as the 7 year old Tim. Also Tobey Maguirehere voices adult Tim who is the narrator of the movie.

This movie is truly something for the whole family to watch and enjoy. While this movie is for the whole family it also delivers quite the message at the end. To me this message was really tricky to figure out, but what I got from it was that almost every sibling hood has a rivalry but overcoming what ever differences you think you have can benefit everybody in the best of ways.  

Knowing the time this movie was released, the profit it has made, and the life it has put into families, this movie is definitely worth watching.

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Boss Baby Review