sleeping with sirens gossip preview

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sleeping with sirens gossip preview

Alex Heckle, Editor

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On July 6th, 2017 the alternative rock band Sleeping With Sirens released a teaser for their new album Gossip that comes out September 22, 2017.


So far they have released four new songs. The first of the three that they released, Legends, was featured as the team USA olympics theme song.


Along with the other songs, ‘Empire Into Ashes’, ‘Cheers’, and ‘Trouble’ they are all more pop-ish than many of their older songs. They have gotten both negative and positive comments from their fans.


Many of the old fans don’t like how pop the new sound is, but don’t worry because they can expect some more rock type songs to come in this new album.


Gossip is going to be Sleeping With Sirens’ 5th full-length album, this album isn’t as heavy and it’s more like the modern pop music.


“We finally captured the live experience with David Bendeth. We have the production, but there’s a rawness that comes through. Musically, I feel like it’s the first Sirens record that sounds specifically like us. We took chances, experimented, and continued to do what we do best: create art. It’s something new. It has an authentic sound that we’ve been working towards all this time.” said Kellin Quinn, lead singer of the band.


The new music videos of legends and cheers make fans excited for what is next to come.

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