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Beetles.Io Review

Logan White, Staff

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I am reviewing the game named Beetles.Io. Beetles.Io is a game where you play as a bug and you bump other players off the lily pad to win. The game is made by X Games Tube. It is on the App Store and Google Play store for download. It is an offline game that you can play anywhere you want!

The game is rated E for everyone so people of all ages can have a lot of fun. It can get really heated while playing. The way I get mad at the game is if I have been on a repeated losing streak. The game can also be really competitive with your friends because there is a ranking system. Every time you win you move up in the rankings. Right now I am at Challenger I which is the highest ranking in the game.

The game is an offline game so you don’t play against actual people but it is still a big, and fun challenge. I recommend this game to be played at the age of 4-15. I recommend the game for children, and teenagers. It can be played at all ages. It will get you really addicted so beware. During my time playing the game I couldn’t help but keep pressing play it was that fun.

Also realize that this is my opinion on the game you may have a totally different one on the game. This game is totally free with no in game purchases, so you’re not eager to buy your way to victory.

In all this is the most fun mobile game I have played all year. It is very fast moving up on the app store charts. Sitting comfortably sitting at spot sixty-nine as of November 10th, 2018. This game is available for all mobile devices such as Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Phones, and Samsung Tablets. I had fun writing this review and playing the game, I would hope you try the game for yourself.

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Beetles.Io Review