Word Stacks Review

Becca Lewis, Staff

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Word Stacks is a word finding game created by PeopleFun.  This game is compatible with any device and rated E for Everyone.  While this app is a free game, there is optional in-app purchases. There’s 2,000 levels and you can change your background and settings at anytime.  This game has 18,236 reviews and a five-star rating. While this game does contain ads, there aren’t many, and they aren’t noticeable.

Word Stacks is a fun game that starts off fairly easy until about level 30 where it begins to increase in difficulty.  The farther into the game you get the more coins and rewards you can get for beating a certain set of levels. You can take a survey or watch a video if you want more coins. (25 for an ad, 50 for a survey)  There is also an option to buy coins. The prices for buying them are very cheap as well. Plus, they can help you progress through the levels. The purpose of coins is to use game boosters. These include highlighting the first letter of a word, shuffling the letters, or giving a hint.  Another way to earn extra coins is by finding a certain amount of extra words.

This is a great game and it’s pretty addicting.  It’s a really fun way to challenge yourself and expand your vocabulary. Each level has a different theme for the words you are finding such as “Birthday Party” or “Eats the Garden”.  As has already been mentioned, this game is a little difficult at times and can leave one frustrated. However you feel a huge sense of relief and happiness when you finally pass that one level.  This game is great to play in a calm environment or while you are waiting for something. This game is definitely recommended.

Some comparisons/similar games to Word Stacks include: Words With Friends, Word Cookies, Crossword Quiz, Word Slide, Garden of Words, Word Cross, and Daily Pop Crosswords.  (Some of these games were made by PeopleFun, the word game company who made Word Stacks) These games are all similar because they are crosswords, word searches, and the like.

This game is highly recommended.  Along with Word Cookies and Crossword Quiz which are very similar. This is a great game great for anyone looking to have fun and learn a little.

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