Escape Room (2019) Review

Escape Room (2019) Review

Georgia Moran, Staff

Escape Room is a horror film about six people who each get a mysterious box, inviting them to an escape room to win $10,000. They soon realize that it isn’t just a game, it’s a deadly fight to be the last one alive. It came out in January 2019 and is rated PG-13. 


I think Escape Room is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, there were a few times when I almost left the theater because it was too much for me. What forced me to stay in the theater was the clever plot and the great special effects. I liked that there wasn’t much blood and gore, considering the fact that I almost threw up without it. I found it weird that it got certified rotten by Rotten Tomatoes, even though most people liked it.


The best part about this movie was the actors and actresses that played their role almost perfectly. It had Nik Dodani and Logan Miller in it, who are two of my favorite actors.There were all different types of people in the movie: the wannabe, the gamer geek, the hopeless, the optimistic, the shy girl, and of course, the determined. There were all different types of people, which made this more interesting because we got to see all different personality types.


Overall, I’d say that this movie is very unique, and it has a creepy concept that I’ve never seen before. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a good scare. Just make sure to watch it on an empty stomach.