Inkling Review

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

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Inkling” by Kenneth Oppel is a new and exciting book that was published in September of 2018. It has about 272 pages, which makes for a good-sized novel, not too lengthy, but also not too short. Once you start reading, it’s hard to put it down, each page better than the last, you will come to love all of the characters.


Inkling is the story of a young boy, Ethan, who meets Inkling, an ink blob that came from his father’s sketchbook. The two become fast friends, but Ethan’s family is going through a tough time, and Inkling is here to help him.


Inkling is like no other book that I have read. It was unique and funny, as well as entertaining. The introduction draws readers in right away, and even if some parts seem a little slow, it always bounces back by adding to the suspense.


All in all, Inkling was a heartwarming story that could appeal to readers of all ages. If you like stories with a bittersweet ending, but with plenty of suspense to add to the plot, then Inkling is the book for you. I would recommend reading Inkling.

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