Mowgli Review

Emma Galesic, Staff
The movie “Mowgli” came out in 2018 and was directed by Andy Serkis. The producers are Jonathan Cavendish, Steve Kloves, and David Barron. It is an hour and forty four minutes long and was filmed in english and Hindi. It can also be found on Netflix.


It is about a young boy named Mowgli that was raised by a pack of wolves and lives in the jungle. He works as hard as he can to prove to the pack that he is a wolf, even if he is different. But along the way there are some big challenges for Mowgli revolving around a despicable tiger.


This is actually a pretty “dark” movie depending that it was based off of a children’s book. It is definitely different than what I was expecting. But, it is a really good movie and also seems entertaining for a middle schooler then the classic book version.


Compared to the normal, well known movie “The Jungle Book” , “Mowgli” would more likely be more interesting and hook the middle school age range. Especially because it is not a musical. This movie is also a little more relatable on a day to day basis, other than the talking animals.


I would very much recommend to take some time out of your day and watch “Mowgli” . I really enjoyed watching it and would even watch it again! I found it way more entertaining for 12- 14 year old kids than the original, musical version. And I would totally recommend watching it just to see if you like it.