Cold Stone Creamery Review


Brooke Hudson, Staff

Cold Stone Creamery is a ice cream restaurant located at 17051 Lincoln Ave, Parker, Co. It is located near the King Soopers in Stonegate. Cold Stone opens at 11am and closes at 10pm everyday. Also the store serves over 15 flavors! They make their ice cream fresh everyday.   

When you get their you can sample any flavors you want to try. When you figured out what flavor you want you can choose your toppings, plus you can pick has many mix-ins as you want. If you want your ice cream in a cone you can pick what size cone and also if you want it dipped in chocolate and etc…

But, If you want your ice cream in a cup then you can choose from three different sizes. Like it, Love it, or Gotta have it are the sizes. Cold stone can also serve milkshakes, frozen yogurt (depending on location), and a ice cream cookie.

I personally think that this cold stone is great! It is also locally operated. I have been to other cold stones before and the ice cream is not fresh and the workers aren’t friendly. But, this Cold Stone is very clean, with nice decorations, and friendly workers. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Especially if you want good ice cream and live close by.